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How to Choose the Best Team for Sports Betting

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choosing the best team to bet

Sports betting can be enjoyable and profitable as it adds another layer of excitement to the sports you love. But for beginners, it can also be pretty intimidating. This is why we have listed a few tips and tricks to get you started.

The world of online sports betting can be confusing at first glance. Bookies show a list of decimals, fractions, plus and minus signs and other bettors speak with phrases you've never heard of. Besides that, depending on your knowledge about the sport, there might be many more things about the teams you don't know.

It's best to arm yourself with as much knowledge about the sport as possible. As they say, knowledge is power which is the case in sports betting. Winning a bet in sports betting can be challenging, even for professional or experienced bettors. And if you blindly pick last season's winner or your favourite team as your recipe for success, you better rethink your strategy.

Playing to Win

Before you get started on what to look for when choosing the best betting teams, you must ensure that you have a clear idea of your goals when betting. What we mean here is to prepare you to make picks that offer a higher statistical chance of winning instead of betting on your favourite teams or randomly placing a bet.

It's not an easy task to become an experienced and successful sports bettor as it requires thorough and well-thought-out strategies while also keeping yourself informed on the latest information about the leagues, teams and players. Indeed, it's OK to bet just for the excitement and fun and you should bet whichever way you want to. But if you plan to win your bets, it will take a lot more effort and can make it more enjoyable.

Therefore, if you are looking to jump into the sports betting space just for the fun and games, you can jump in at any time. However, if you want to win and become an expert bettor in just a few steps, you've come to the right place.

Get Educated

The more you understand what you're betting on, the better your chance of choosing the best strategy and pick. While you might be an avid fan of a particular sport and know every detail of your favourite team, you will do well by having that same knowledge for all teams across every competition or league.

Make sure to absorb as much information as possible with all the updated news and information relevant to the sport. For example, knowing when an underdog that has the tendency to beat a favourite team can offer big value when placing your bets. This is where all your efforts are put in, as studying players and teams along with their past matches is how you can find trends and potential upsets.

One big section of information you should look at when picking the best teams is seasonal transfers and squad changes. It's a strategy that covers pre-season and in-season moves. Keeping up to date with this information will offer you a great advantage in betting online.

Did a team hire a new coach? If so, is the coach a good or bad one? Did a team lose their most valuable striker? How do you think this will affect the squad? Did an injury take place that might affect future matches for a team? These are all important questions you should ask yourself about the teams you're following. The more you know about every team and their players, the more confident you should be when making your selections for your bets.

Next, it's essential to associate with winners. Numerous great sports bettors are constantly betting and probably made all the mistakes you might make and have learned from them. Every bettor was a beginner at the start. Try contacting them and pick their brains. Indeed, they won't be sharing any of their secrets or methods, but they might provide you with some guidance that will lead you in the right direction.

Be an Expert in One Sport

This is mainly for those who are new to online sports betting. Narrowing down your focus on one specific sport for betting can give you the edge for your bets as you won't need to do as much research on the teams and years of the sport's history.

Keeping up with the daily news and information for football teams along with hundreds of amateur teams, can be extremely overwhelming. Even tipsters know that it's impossible to win at everything. This is why we suggest you go with what you know best and study as much as possible on every player and their team. The result will lead you to become a more confident bettor and make better selections for your bets.

Do Your Homework

Sports betting isn't something that starts off easy for anyone, regardless of how sharp or intelligent you are. Sports betting is something that rewards those who are willing to go the extra mile of working hard. What does this mean for you? This means that you should be ready to put the necessary time and effort into making the best picks.

This means that even if you've watched every football game or any other sport, that doesn't mean you're an expert. Unless you have some amazing rain-man-like ability that takes in everything happening in every second of the game, you're not an expert. Indeed, this ability doesn't actually exist.

Instead, if you want to be an expert on sports betting, you must do your homework. What we mean by this is looking through essential stats, observing game footage and doing everything you need to do by looking for the edges you can take advantage of.

However, you must ensure that you're working smarter and not harder. If you've spent 15 hours a day looking at pointless facts and coming up with worthless conclusions, you'll still likely make the wrong picks and won't succeed in the betting space. However, if you put in less time but focus entirely on the stats that matter and come up with the right conclusions, you'll be wildly successful. You need to utilize your research and prediction time wisely.

For some new bettors, you might need a lot more time to look at the right team for your bets. This might not be as long for those who have been betting for a while.

Sports betting has a way of rewarding those who have put in the hard work and long hours to beat the system and make better decisions. What's certain is that the more time you spend looking for the right picks, the more successful your bets should be. As long as you're dedicated, this can also be you.

Choose Value Over Winners

This might be hard to understand the first time you read it, but it's essential to online betting and making money. This is a concept that's easy for new players to miss when betting online, where they think a high percentage of wins over losses means they're guaranteed to win the bet.

In reality, you can have a winning record with more wins than losses and place the same amount of money on every bet but still lose money. You may also have a losing record with fewer wins and more losses, placing the same amount of money on every bet and raking profits. The key to this concept is that every bet doesn't offer the same winnings or risk the same losses.

Let's use an example if you make four bets, all on a 1.2 odds favourite for $100 each. You happen to win three out of four bets, which means you've won $20 for every winning bet but lost $100 for the losing bet. Therefore, despite the winning betting record, you still lost $40. This means constant bets on favourites can make for a good-looking win or loss ratio. But to keep the money coming in, you should focus more on your return on investment (ROI). So, remember that the amount you're profiting or losing during your bets is more important than your records.

We're not suggesting that you shouldn't bet on favourites or that it's impossible to win by betting on favourites. But the main goal is to bet to get the highest statistical chance of making money.

Conclusion - Choose the Best Team for Sports Betting

Hopefully, you understand that picking the right team for your bets requires more than just throwing darts or pulling them out of thin air. It's best to focus on the sport you love to watch and spend time on your research effectively on the right stats and past performances.

This guide is not intended to make sports betting less fun, but we provide a guide that will help you become more profitable and make the sports you love even more enjoyable to watch.

Published on 29 August 2022 Last updated on 30 September 2022
Author: Tiago Martins

Tiago Martins


Tech entrepreneur and passionate about statistics, Tiago co-owns APWin and is responsible for all the technology that powers the platform.

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