General Terms and Conditions of Use of APWin Premium Subscription

Updated 13-06-2022

APWin's services are provided by the legal entity OR individual with the following Corporate Name/name: APWin Pte. Ltd, with trade name APWin, with taxpayer number 202229098C, owner of intellectual property on software, website, applications, content and others assets related to the platform.

  1. The Goal

    The platform aims to license the use of its software, website, applications and other intellectual property assets, providing tools to assist and streamline the daily lives of its users.

    The platform is characterized by providing the following service: APWin Premium Subscription.

  2. Acceptance

    This Term establishes obligations contracted of free and spontaneous will, for an indefinite period, between the platform and individuals or legal entities, users of the website OR application.

    By using the platform, the user fully accepts these rules and undertakes to comply with them, at the risk of applying the applicable penalties.

    Acceptance of this instrument is essential for accessing and using any services provided by the company. If you do not agree with the provisions of this instrument, the user must not use them.

  3. User Access

    All technical solutions available to the person responsible for the platform will be used to allow access to the service 24 (twenty-four) hours a day, 7 (seven) days a week.

    However, browsing on the platform or on any of its pages may be interrupted, limited or suspended for updates, modifications or any action necessary for its proper functioning.

  4. Registration

    Access to the platform's features will require prior registration and, depending on the services or products chosen, payment of a certain amount.

    When registering, the user must inform complete, recent and valid data, and it is their sole responsibility to keep such data up to date, and the user is committed to the veracity of the data provided.

    The user undertakes not to inform their registration and/or platform access data to third parties, being fully responsible for their use.

    Children under 18 years of age and those who do not have full civil capacity must obtain the express consent of their legal guardians to use the platform and services or products in advance, and any access by minors and those who do not are solely responsible for them. have full civil capacity without prior authorization.

    Upon completion of registration, the user expressly declares and warrants to be fully capable, being able to exercise and freely enjoy the services and products.

    The user must provide a valid e-mail address through which the website will carry out all necessary communications.

    After confirming the registration, the user will have a login and a personal password, which ensures the user individual access to it. Thus, it is the user's sole responsibility to maintain that password in a confidential and secure manner, preventing undue access to personal information.

    Any and all activities carried out using the password will be the responsibility of the user, who must promptly inform the platform in case of misuse of the respective password.

    It will not be allowed to assign, sell, rent or transfer, in any way, the account, which is personal and non-transferable.

    It is up to the user to ensure that their equipment is compatible with the technical characteristics that enable the use of the platform and services or products.

    The user may, at any time, request the cancellation of their registration with the Hotmart’s website, APWin's payment partner (explained in point 7.1). Your unsubscribe will be carried out as soon as possible, as long as no outstanding debts are verified.

    The user, by accepting the Terms and Privacy Policy, expressly authorizes the platform to collect, use, store, process, assign or use information derived from the use of the services, the website and any platforms, including all information filled in by the user on the time you perform or update your registration, in addition to others expressly described in the Privacy Policy that must be authorized by the user.

  5. Products or Services

    The platform may provide the user with a specific set of features and tools to optimize the use of services and products.

    On the platform, the services or products offered are described and presented with the highest degree of accuracy, containing information on their characteristics, qualities, quantities, composition, price, warranty, expiration dates and origin, among other data, as well as on the risks that present to the health and safety of the user.

    Before finalizing the purchase of a particular product or service, the user must be informed about its specifications and its destination.

    Every user can enjoy APWin's services for 7 days free after entering their payment details on APWin's partner payment website (Hotmart). After 7 days, the service will automatically activate and you will be billed. Service renewal is automatic after 30 days of use.

  6. Pricing

    Currently, the price of the APWin Premium Subscription service is $9.

    The platform reserves the right to unilaterally readjust, at any time, the values ​​of services or products without prior consultation or consent of the user.

    The amounts applied are those in effect at the time of ordering.

    Prices are shown in reais and do not include delivery charges, which are specified separately and are informed to the user prior to placing the order.

    When contracting a certain service or product, the Hotmart platform may request the user's financial information, such as CPF, billing address and card data. By entering such data, the user agrees that, according to the payment method chosen, the prices then in force and informed when contracting are made.

    Said financial data may be stored to facilitate access and future contracts.

    The contracting of services will be automatically renewed by the platform, regardless of communication to the user, upon periodic charging of the same payment method indicated by the user when contracting the service.

  7. Cancellation

    The user can cancel the contracting of the services (directly on the Hotmart website) at the moment he/she deems convenient.

    Furthermore, the user can also cancel the services within 7 (seven) days, free of charge, after contracting, directly on the platform of Hotmart, APWin's payment partner.

    The service may be canceled by:

    a) part of the user: under these conditions, the services will only cease when the current cycle at the time of cancellation is completed, in accordance with the user's interest (As per point 7.1).

    b) violation of the Terms of Use: the services will be terminated immediately.

    1. Cancellation by the user

      If the user wishes to cancel the service, he must access his account at Hotmart (with the same credentials that give him access to APWin, or with the access data to Hotmart, if he has them).

      After logging into their Hotmart account, the user must access APWin - Premium, click on the “Configure Payment” option, and then on “Cancel Subscription”.

      Once cancellation is made, the account will be inactive at the end of the billing period. That is, if the subscription was contracted on the 10th, and the cancellation is made on the 15th, the account will be inactive only on the 10th of the following month, the end of the billing period.

    2. Data deletion

      If the user would like to have its data deleted from APWin, they should send an email to [email protected], in the following format:

      - Subject: Data deletion - #username.

      - Email body: Request to formally delete my data.

      As soon as the email is received, the user data will be deleted.

  8. Support

    In case of any doubts, suggestions or problems with the use of the platform, the user can contact support through the email on the contact page of the APWin website.

  9. Responsibilities

    It is the responsibility of the user:

    a) technical defects or defects originating in the user's own system.

    b) the correct use of the platform, services or products offered, valuing good coexistence, respect and cordiality among users.

    c) for compliance with and respect for the set of rules set forth in this General Terms of Use Terms, in the respective Privacy Policy and in national and international legislation.

    d) for the protection of the access data to your account/profile (login and password).

    e) make sure that the bookmakers advertising on APWin’s platform comply with all the regulations on your country

    It is the responsibility of the APWin platform:

    a) indicate the characteristics of the service or product.

    b) defects and defects found in the service or product offered since it gave rise to them.

    c) the information that was disclosed by it, and the comments or information disclosed by users are the sole responsibility of the users themselves.

    d) illegal content or activities carried out through its platform.

    The platform is not responsible for outgoing links in its system that may redirect the user to an external environment of his network, including advertising from bookmakers.

  10. Of the odds of partner websites and their licenses

    APWin is not responsible for:

    a) the truth and up to date information of the odds shown by partner websites.

    b) promoting a specific website where the user may not be able to access it due to its country’s regulation.

  11. Copyright

    This Term of Use grants users a non-exclusive, non-transferable and non-sublicensable license to access and make use of the platform and the services and products made available by it.

    Website or application structure, brands, logos, trade names, layouts, graphics and interface design, images, illustrations, photographs, presentations, videos, written and sound and audio content, computer programs, database, files transmission and any other information and intellectual property rights of the company name are duly reserved.

    These Terms of Use do not assign or transfer to the user any rights, so that access does not generate any intellectual property rights to the user, except for the limited license granted herein.

    The use of the platform by the user is personal, individual and non-transferable, and any unauthorized, commercial or non-commercial use is prohibited. Such uses will constitute a violation of the intellectual property rights of the corporate name APWin, punishable under applicable law.

  12. Sanctions

    Without prejudice to other applicable legal measures, APWin may, at any time, warn, suspend or cancel the user's account:

    a) that violates any provision of this Term.

    b) who fails to comply with their user duties.

    c) that has any fraudulent, fraudulent or offending behavior to third parties.

  13. Termination

    Failure to comply with the obligations set forth in this Terms of Use or applicable legislation may, without prior notice, lead to immediate unilateral termination by APWin and the blocking of all services provided to the user.

  14. Changes

    The items described in this instrument may be changed, unilaterally and at any time, by APWin, to adapt or modify the services, as well as to meet new legal requirements. The changes will be published OR via the website or by email and the user may choose to accept the new content or to cancel the use of the services, if he is a subscriber to any service.

    The services offered may, at any time and unilaterally, and without any prior notice, be discontinued, altered in their characteristics, as well as restricted for use or access.

  15. Privacy Policy

    In addition to this Term, the user must consent to the provisions contained in the respective Privacy Policy to be presented to all interested parties within the platform interface.

    Any disputes must be filed in the court in which the company's headquarters are located.