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Bdin 1 - 0 Chernomorets 1919 Burgas
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2 out of 10

04.12.2023 - 12:00

Stadium : Stadion Georgi Benkovski


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Predictions for Bdin vs Chernomorets 1919 Burgas
Bdin vs Chernomorets 1919 Burgas Betting Tips: 03/12/2023 - Matchday 19 - Bulgaria Second League

Bdin vs Chernomorets 1919 Burgas Betting Tips: 03/12/2023 - Matchday 19 - Bulgaria Second League

Bdin vs Chernomorets 1919 Burgas happens on the 3rd of December at 12:00 and we have prepared a betting tip for this match in the Bulgaria Second League. APWin’s team of analysts has analysed the qualitative and quantitative data and come up with the prediction for Bdin vs Chernomorets 1919 Burgas. If you decide to follow our betting tip, good luck! And remember, if you are looking for more betting tips, we have you covered!

🔥 Bdin has had Under 2.5 Goals in its last 9 matches

🔥 Bdin has had Over 9.5 Corners in its last 3 matches

🔥 Bdin and Chernomorets 1919 Burgas average 1.72 goals scored per match


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Chernomorets 1919 Burgas

0.41Goal Scored1.06
0.94Goals Conceded1.06
12%% Over 2.539%
24%% BTTS50%
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Chernomorets 1919 Burgas

0.44Goal Scored1
0.78Goals Conceded1.22
12%% Over 2.539%
22%% BTTS56%

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Chernomorets 1919 Burgas - Previous Results


Goal Scored

The home team is the 18th best attack in the Second League. Bdin has found the back of the opposition’s net 7 times in the 17 times it entered the pitch so far this season, which averages 0.41 goals scored per match.

Only time will tell, but so far, Chernomorets 1919 Burgas has averaged 1.06 goals scored per match in this season of the Second League. The team has gotten 19 goals in 18 matches so far this season, making it the 8th best attacking team in this competition.

Goals Conceded

Averaging 0.94 goals conceded per match, Bdin has conceded 16 times in the 17 matches played so far this season of the Second League. This makes this match’s home team the 8th defence in the competition.

With 19 goals conceded in the 18 matches it played in the Second League, Chernomorets 1919 Burgas is the 10th best defence in the competition, since it averages 1.06 goals conceded per match.

% Over 2.5

In the 17 matches it played this season, Bdin has ended with 3 or more match goals (scored and conceded combined) in 12% of the times, so 2 of those matches.

The Second League averages 32% of its matches with 3 or more goals scored. Chernomorets 1919 Burgas visits Bdin having finished 39% of its matches with 3+ goals. Do you think this is worth exploring?

Both Teams to Score (BTTS)

In a BTTS bet, as long as both teams find the back of the net at least once, we will be in profit. In 24% of matches the home team has taken part in this season, it has both scored and conceded in the same match. Is there maybe an opportunity for BTTS on Bdin?

If we look at Chernomorets 1919 Burgas’s statistics so far this season in the BTTS market we will see that our of all the matches it has played in the competition, that 50% of them have ended with a BTTS.

Expected Goals (xG)

It is no question that Bdin’s attack has raised some eyebrows so far this season, and no surprise as well that the home team arrives to this match with 0.78 expected goals per match in the Second League.

Only once the match ends can we come up with our conclusions, but before it starts we can definitely look at the away team’s 1.3 expected goals on average per match and take that into account before placing a bet.

Expected Goals Against (xGA)

A low xGA is a good measure of a team’s defensive capabilities, since it means that it gives the opposing team very little goal scoring chances throughout a match. Bdin gets to this event with 1.49 expected goals against, so we will see how their performance reflects just that.

Chernomorets 1919 Burgas is a team where not everything is working perfectly. The team gets to this match with 1.06 goals conceded on average, against 1.24 xGA. What kind of defensive performance will we see today?


If you are looking for the prediction for Bdin vs Chernomorets 1919 Burgas, we have got your back. We have already gone over all of the statistical points that we think are relevant for this match, and now comes the moment of the truth - the betting tips.

APWin’s team of analysts has gone over the statistics of both teams so far in the competition, we have gone over what has been happening around the Second League and out of the pitch on both teams and their stars and are pretty confident with our preview for this match.

As such, you can find below our betting tip for the match Bdin vs Chernomorets 1919 Burgas, for the matchday 19 of the Second League, taking place on the 3rd of December at 12:00.