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03 April 2001





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Tue, 16 April 2024 - 18:45

National League North and South
National League North and South
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Eastbourne Borough

1.44Goal Scored1.11
1.6Goals Conceded 1.59
58%% Over 2.550%
53%% BTTS 50%
1.37xGA 1.46

2023/2024 Stats

Competition MPGoalConcededCleansheetPlayed YC+RCCleansheets Per 90'Conceded Per 90'Cards Per 90'
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National League North and South

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1802651620 028%1.440
Total 1802651620028%1.440

Harrison Foulkes - Stats & Information

Born in 03/04/2001, Harrison Foulkes is 23 years old and plays as goalkeeper in Eastbourne Borough. The goalkeeper player is -1 cm tall and weighs -1 kilos. Here you can find information regarding the goalkeeper Harrison Foulkes - Eastbourne Borough, such as matches played, goals conceded, clean sheets, cards and other important information from all the competitions the player takes part in.

It is also possible to know detailed performance data such as minutes played in each competition, matches without conceding a goal, matches played in the home team, and others. You can also find information about previous seasons and teams, finding all the information as a professional athlete.

See here some of the important informations about Harrison Foulkes this competition - overall and when we add all the competitions.

Overall numbers of Harrison Foulkes playing for Eastbourne Borough in 2023/2024

Adding all the competitions in which Harrison Foulkes plays in 2023/2024, the goalkeeper has played a total of 1620 minutes, of which 900 minutes were played at home and 720 minutes were played as the visiting team.

Another important data point from Harrison Foulkes this season is that the goalkeeper has conceded 26 goals in 18 matches played, averaging 1.44 goals conceded per match.

An important datapoint in goalkeepers is matches without conceding a goal. In this field, Harrison Foulkes, in 18 matches played, has managed to keep a clean sheet in 5 matches. This means that the goalkeeper has kept a clean sheet in 28.00% of matches.

With those numbers, Harrison Foulkes can be considered the 65th best goalkeeper in the National League North and South this season.

Competitions disputed

The player plays currently in the following competitions

The last match was in 13/04/2024, against Chippenham Town, for the National League North and South. The match ended up Eastbourne Borough (3) vs (0) Chippenham Town.

FAQ - About the player

See below the main questions related to the player.

How old is Harrison Foulkes?

Harrison Foulkes is 23 years old. The player is born in 03/04/2001.

What is Harrison Foulkes’s current team?

Harrison Foulkes currently plays for Eastbourne Borough.

How many goals has Harrison Foulkes conceded in 2023/2024?

In the season 2023/2024, Harrison Foulkes has conceded 26 goals, when we add all competitions played in.

How many cards did Harrison Foulkes get in 2023/2024?

In 2023/2024, Harrison Foulkes has received a total of 0 yellow and red cards - in all the competitions played in.

How many matches has Harrison Foulkes played in 2023/2024?

In 2023/2024, Harrison Foulkes has played 18 matches.

How many matches Harrison Foulkes has in the whole career?

The goalkeeper Harrison Foulkes has played a total of 47 matches matches as a professional athlete.

For what teams has Harrison Foulkes played for?

Throughout the career, Harrison Foulkes has played for Eastbourne Borough, Derby County, Kettering Town, Derby County U21 and Derby County U23.