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Sunshine Coast Wanderers 1 - 4 Peninsula Power

27.09.2020 - 06:00

Stadium : Ballinger Park (Buderim)


Match Scoring / Conceding First

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This page keeps track of the number of matches a team has scored or conceded the first goal in a match. This helps give you a better idea of what to expect from Sunshine Coast Wanderers and Peninsula Power in terms of their tendencies from both an attacking and defensive perspective.

Sunshine Coast Wanderers has come out and scored the first goal in 0% of the matches they have played so far in the Queensland NPL. And on the other side, they have conceded the first goal in 0% of matches.

Meanwhile, Peninsula Power comes into this contest having scored a goal before their opponent in 0% of matches in this campaign. And in terms of giving up the first goal, they have done so in 0% of matches.

This information helps to provide a deeper insight into the two teams’ play in the competition. A higher rate of scoring the first goal indicates a more aggressive side that imposes its will onto its opponents. Similarly, a high rate of conceding the first goal points to a side whose defence struggles to keep things tight at the back.

It should prove useful to study these teams’ tendencies of scoring or conceding first, as well as whether these tendencies change when they play at home or away in Queensland NPL.