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Leviatán: Games to score/Games to concede first goal

This section of the APWin football statistics platform shows the times in which Leviatán scored before the opponent as well as the times in which they conceded the first goal of the match in the Liga Premier Serie A 2022/2023.

Through this stat, we can see whether Leviatán is often the one in charge of matches and gets ahead most of the time, or if they are the ones playing catchup.

In the Liga Premier Serie A, Leviatán has scored before the opponent in 25% of the games played. On the other hand, the percentage of times they have conceded the first goal is 75%.

This data helps give a clearer view of Leviatán’s habits on both offence and defence.

If the percentage of scoring first is high, it likely points to Leviatán being the more aggressive of the two sides with more control of the match. And if the percentage of conceding the first goal is higher, then it points to a club that is not among the best and has some defensive deficiencies.

If you want to dive even deeper into this statistic, you can also use the filters to see the score first/concede first rates in home and away games during the season.