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Radnički Kragujevac

1Goal Scored1.57
1.43Goals Conceded 1.76
48%% Over 2.567%
38%% BTTS 52%
1.6xGA 1.49

More about Radnički Kragujevac

What is Radnički Kragujevac?

Radnički Kragujevac is a football team from Serbia. They were founded in 1923. Today they are playing in SuperLiga. They play their home matches at the Stadion Čika Dača

What are the standings of Crveni Đavoli?

Radnički Kragujevac is currently in 6th place in SuperLiga. They have 29 points in 21 matches, which averages 1.38 points per match. From the 21 matches played, they have won 9, drawn 2 and lost 10 matches. They have scored 33 goals and conceded 37 goals.

At home, Radnički Kragujevac is currently in 8th place. They have 19 points in 11 matches, which averages 1.73 points per match. From the 11 matches at home, they have won 6, drawn 1 and lost 4 matches. At home, they have scored 19 goals and conceded 18 goals.

Away, Crveni Đavoli is currently in 8th place. They have 10 points in 10 matches, which averages 1 points per match. From the 10 matches at away, they have won 3, drew 1 and lost 6 matches. At away they have scored 14 goals and conceded 19 goals.

What were the results of Radnički Kragujevac?

Last match, Radnički Kragujevac played Home against Vojvodina. They have win the match 2 - 1, which means they are currently sitting in 6th place in SuperLiga.

What are the next matches of Crveni Đavoli?

Next, Radnički Kragujevac plays in SuperLiga, on 25/02/2024 - 13:00. They will be playing away against Javor Ivanjica.

Who is the Top Scorer of Radnički Kragujevac?

In SuperLiga, Crveni Đavoli has 33 goals. 6 of the goals were scored by their top scorer, Milan Vidakov. Geoffrey Chinedu Charles, with 6 goals as their 2nd best goals scorer and Wajdi Sahli with 4 goals as their 3rd best goals scorer.

Who is the Top Assists provider of Radnički Kragujevac?

In SuperLiga, Radnički Kragujevac has 33 goals. From these, 5 were assisted by their top assists provider, Kilian Bevis. Wajdi Sahli with 4 assists is their 2nd best assists provided and Bojan Adžić with 2 assists is their 3rd best assists provided.