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18 May 1991





2023/2024 Stats

Competition MPGoal PenAssistPlayed YC+RCGoals Per 90'Assist Per 90'Cards Per 90'
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100090 0000
Total 1000900000

James Brownie - Stats & Information

Born in 18/05/1991, James Brownie is 32 years old, and plays as midfielder for Keith. The scottish player is -1 cm tall and weighs -1 kilos. Here you will find some information about James Brownie such as goals scored, shots and passes, cards, matches and minutes played in, and much more from every competition this player takes part in.

It is also possible to know the detailed performance data such as minutes played in each competition, goal contribution, disciplinary record and much more. You can also see previous seasons and the performance in other teams, getting an overall view on the whole professional career.

Find here some information about James Brownie this season - overall and when we add all of the competitions played in:

Overall numbers from James Brownie playing for Keith in 2023/2024

When we add all the competitions that James Brownie plays in 2023/2024, the player has a total of 90 minutes on the pitch, from which 0 are minutes played at home, and 90 are the minutes when the player was representing the visitors.

Another important data point from James Brownie this season is that there is a total of 0 goals scored in 1 played, which is equivalent to an average of 0 goals scored per match.

When we speak about assists, James Brownie has 0 assists this season.

With these numbers, and comparing all midfielder in the Highland / Lowland Football Leagues, the player is the 177th best midfielder in the competition.

Competitions disputed

The player plays currently in the following competitions

The last match was in 27/04/2024, against Wick Academy, for the Highland / Lowland Football Leagues. The match ended up Keith (0) vs (4) Wick Academy.

FAQ - About the player

See below the main questions related to the player.

How old is James Brownie?

James Brownie is 32 years old. The player is born in 18/05/1991.

What is James Brownie’s current team?

James Brownie currently plays for Keith.

How many goals has James Brownie scored in 2023/2024?

In the season 2023/2024, James Brownie has scored 0 goals, when adding all the competitions played.

How many career goals does James Brownie have?

In the whole of the professional career, James Brownie has scored 0 goals.

How many cards did James Brownie get in 2023/2024?

In 2023/2024, James Brownie has received a total of 0 yellow and red cards - in all the competitions played in.

How many matches has James Brownie played in 2023/2024?

In 2023/2024, James Brownie has played 1 match.

How many matches James Brownie has in the whole career?

James Brownie has played a total of 5 matches as a professional.

For what teams has James Brownie played for?

Throughout the career, James Brownie has played for Keith.