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Moldovan National Division 2022/23: Season Summary

In this section, you will get a complete summary of the Moldovan National Division 2022/23 campaign to date, with important information to help you get a better grasp of how things are playing out in the competition.

Aside from the current team standings, you can also find out other useful details, such as which team has the best home record, which team has drawn the most matches in Moldovan National Division, and much more.

Here is a list of all those notable stats from the Moldovan National Division 2022/23 to date.

Along with the complete Moldovan National Division table, this page also contains the latest results, where you can find a full match summary, goalscorers, bookings, and more, as well as upcoming matches.

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Football predictions for this championship

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Live streams of the competition

You can also watch all Moldovan National Division matches throughout this season by following the steps outlined on the football streaming page.

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