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HFX Wanderers FC Clean Sheet Statistics

HFX Wanderers FC’s clean sheet statistics are key to gauging a team’s defensive performance in the Canadian Premier League 2024. The number of matches a team completely prevents their opponents from scoring helps to make a more accurate evaluation of the defence’s overall ability during the season.

See below some data on the number of games without conceding for HFX Wanderers FC thus far this season:

  • In 13 matches played in the championship, HFX Wanderers FC has had 3 matches without conceding a single goal. That means their defence has not been breached by their opponents in 23% of their matches this season.
  • HFX Wanderers FC has kept a clean sheet in 2 of the 7 matches played at home so far this season.
  • Meanwhile, HFX Wanderers FC has played 6 times away from home and has kept a clean sheet 1 times.

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