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CSF Bălți BTTS matches in the season

The both teams scoring stat is the number of times a team has both scored and conceded a goal in a match. This stat is helpful in determining whether a match has the potential to be a high-scoring affair.

And in CSF Bălți’s case, their BTTS statistics in the Moldovan National Division 2022/2023 provide some interesting insights about their offence and defence. Here are the relevant BTTS stats on CSF Bălți in the competition:

  • In 14 matches to date, CSF Bălți has scored and conceded in the same game 3 times
  • In terms of percentage, CSF Bălți has had both teams score in 21% of their matches in Moldovan National Division.

You can also see CSF Bălți’s BTTS stats filtered in terms of where they play, whether it’s at home or away, as well as overall, for a more comprehensive view of the stat all season long.