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Municipal Mejillones card statistics

Card statistics provide a unique insight into the team’s strategy or mentality in matches. A team that picks up a host of cards might be more aggressive than the average team defensively and is more prone to committing fouls due to their tough challenges. It’s also possible that a team that keeps getting booked may have a bit of a disciplinary problem.

In the case of Municipal Mejillones’s cards statistics, they have received 3 or more cards in 0% of their games played so far in the Tercera División 2024.

And on the other side of the ball, Municipal Mejillones’s opponents take 2 or more cards in 0% of their Tercera División matches.

Here are two more card statistics for Municipal Mejillones this season in the Tercera División:

  • Overall, matches involving Municipal Mejillones have had 4 or more cards 0% of the time (those are cards given to both Municipal Mejillones and their opponents).
  • In terms of Fair Play, Municipal Mejillones is in 4th place in the competition.

You can follow the Municipal Mejillones’s card situation in Tercera División all season long by checking out how many cards they or their opponents have received on this page.