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04 April 2001




2023/2023 Stats

Competition MPGoalConcededCleansheetPlayedYC+RCCleansheets Per 90'Conceded Per 90'Cards Per 90'
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South America Copa Libertadores

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Venezuela Primera División

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Total 304018210%3.980.98

More about José Pilar Velásquez Barreto

Who is José Pilar Velásquez Barreto?

José Pilar Velásquez Barreto currently plays in Zamora, in the South America Copa Libertadores. He was born on 04 April 2001, he is 22 years old and plays in Defender.

What are the José Pilar Velásquez Barreto Statistics in Zamora?

José Pilar Velásquez Barreto is currently playing in Zamora. He has played 2 matches this season in the South America Copa Libertadores. He has 0 goals scored, 0 assists, 1 yellow card and 0 red cards.

What is the contribution of José Pilar Velásquez Barreto?

When José Pilar Velásquez Barreto was playing, the team conceded 1 goal this season. He also had 0 matches without conceding any goal. He has received a total of 1 card (Yellow and Red) in a total of 92 minutes played. This means that he has received 0.98 cards per 90’, and conceded 0.98 goals per 90’.