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Šibenik 0 - 0 Istra 1961

12.08.2022 - 18:00

Stadium : Stadion Šubićevac


Predictions for Šibenik vs Istra 1961
Predictions and tips for Šibenik v.s Istra 1961

Šibenik vs Istra 1961 Betting Tips: 12/08/2022 - Matchday 5 - Croatia Prva HNL

Looking for predictions for Šibenik vs Istra 1961? You don’t need to look any further, as our team of specialists has prepared the betting tips for this match that is taking place on the 12th of August at 18:00 for Croatia Prva HNL. Continue reading if you want to know about our team’s opinion on which team will be victorious in the match of Šibenik vs Istra 1961.

🔥 Šibenik has had Under 1.5 HT Goals in its last 3 matches

🔥 Šibenik hasn’t lost in its last 3 matches

🔥 The past 4 matches between Šibenik and Istra 1961 have ended with over 2.5 goals

🔥 The past 5 matches between Šibenik and Istra 1961 have ended with under 9.5 Corners

🔥 Šibenik and Istra 1961 average 3.5 goals scored per match


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Istra 1961

0.50Goal Scored0.75
0.5Goals Conceded2
50%% Over 2.5100%
25%% BTTS50%
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Istra 1961

1Goal Scored1
1Goals Conceded4
50%% Over 2.5100%
50%% BTTS100%

Šibenik - Previous Results

Istra 1961 - Previous Results


Goal Scored

With 2 goals scored in the 4 matches it played, Šibenik is the 10th best attack in the Prva HNL this season, with the team averaging 0.5 goals scored per match so far.

Istra 1961 found the opposing team’s net 3 times in its 4 matches played in this season’s. This means that the team averages 0.75 goals per match, making it the 7th best attack in the Prva HNL.

Goals Conceded

Opponents managed to hit the back of the net of Šibenik’s goal 2 times this season from the 4 matches the team has played. This means that the team hosting Šibenik is the 9th best defence in the Prva HNL with 0.5 goals conceded per match.

Istra 1961 is the 1st best defence in the Prva HNL. In its 4 matches in the competition, the team has conceded a goal 8 times, equating to 2 goals conceded per match.

% Over 2.5

The Croatia Prva HNL averages 44% of matches with Over 2.5 goals. On the one hand, Šibenik has managed to score 3 or more match goals in 50% of its matches this season.

On the other hand, Istra 1961 has had 3 or more goals in 100% of matches played so far in this season’s Prva HNL. Do you think there is an opportunity for a bet in the Over 2.5 goals market?

Both Teams to Score (BTTS)

BTTS means Both Teams to Score. This means that both teams must score a goal to win the bet. If you placed a bet on BTTS on Šibenik, the success rate for your bet should be 25% so far.

Istra 1961 has scored and conceded in the same match in 50% of the times it played during this season’s Croatia Prva HNL.

Expected Goals (xG)

The Expected Goals (xG) tell us more than the goals scored by a team. They tell us about the chances created by each team, which can sometimes be given more weight than the goals scored. Šibenik, for example, has 0.91 expected goals per match, compared to its 0.5 goals scored.

Istra 1961, on the flipside, has 1.04 xG per match. So from the shots it takes, we expect that the team scores an average of 0.75 goals per match.

Expected Goals Against (xGA)

Regarding xGA, Šibenik has 1.73 per match. This means the team is expected to concede 0.5 goals on average every time it plays in the Prva HNL.

Expected Goals Against are a good measure of a team's defence quality and processes. The lower the number, the better the defensive routines of a team. For example, Istra 1961 averages 1.72 xGA per match in the 4 times it has played in the competition.


Our team of analysts has looked at all the relevant data, in and out of the pitch, and we have prepared the prediction for Šibenik vs Istra 1961 for Matchday 5 of the Croatia Prva HNL.

As always, we were very careful in our analysis, and will only recommend what we also bet on. You will not find any betting tip for Šibenik vs Istra 1961 that we do not believe in.

As such, and looking at all of the statistics for the match, we think that this is the best bet for the match we have analysed.