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Šibenik 0 - 0 Istra 1961

12.08.2022 - 18:00

Stadium: Stadion Šubićevac


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Šibenik vs Istra 1961: Pre-Match Statistics and Analysis - Prva HNL 2022/2023

These are all the statistics you need to know for the Šibenik vs Istra 1961 match scheduled for 12/08/2022 at 06:00 PM.

Get a full breakdown of both teams with complete statistics throughout the competition. Check out the latest team trends, current form, goals scored and conceded, head-to-head history, and other important information.

Relevant facts about Šibenik vs Istra 1961

Here is some information about Šibenik vs Istra 1961 that could prove helpful in your analysis of the match:

  • Under 1.5 HT goals: There have been under 1.5 goals at halftime in each of Šibenik’s last 3 matches.
  • Undefeated: Šibenik has gone 3 matches without losing in this competition.
  • Under 9.5 corners: The last 3 matches involving Istra 1961 have had under 9.5 corners.

And now here is a list of statistical probabilities for the upcoming Šibenik vs Istra 1961 match in the Prva HNL.

Stat Probabilities for Šibenik vs Istra 1961

Here are the percentage chances that certain statistical events will happen in Šibenik vs Istra 1961, according to our projection system.

  • BTTS: The statistics say the chances of both teams scoring in Šibenik vs Istra 1961 is 75%.
  • Over 2.5 goals: The combination of stats for Šibenik and Istra 1961 show that there is 75% chance of over 2.5 goals scored in this match.

Aside from all the different stats for this match, you can also check out our free predictions for this and other matches, which provide more important details.

Overall Performance of Šibenik vs Istra 1961

Let’s now take a look at how Šibenik and Istra 1961 have performed thus far in the Prva HNL. Šibenik has played 0 matches and has a record of 0 wins, 0 draws, and 0 losses.

Meanwhile, Istra 1961 has 0 wins, 0 draws, and 0 losses in 0 matches thus far.

So based on those numbers, Šibenik has a win rate of 25%, while Istra 1961 has come out on top in 25% of their matches.

Šibenik - Home performance

 Šibenik has played at home 0 times in the Prva HNL, and has the following record in those matches:

  • Wins: 1
  • Draws: 0
  • Defeats: 1

That gives Šibenik a 50% win rate at their home stadium. They have been held to draws 0% of the time, while losses make up 0% of their home matches.

Istra 1961 - Away performance

On the opposite side, Istra 1961 has played 0 away matches thus far, and these are their numbers as the visiting side:

  • Wins: 0
  • Draws: 0
  • Defeats: 1

In terms of percentages, Istra 1961 has won 0% of away matches. They have drawn with their hosts in 0% of those matches and have suffered defeat 0% of the time as visitors.

And if you’re interested in finding out more home and away statistics for both sides, you can also get that information on this page.

Goal statistics for Šibenik vs Istra 1961

Goal statistics are a good way to see how both teams perform offensively and defensively. So here are the goals scored and conceded numbers of Šibenik and Istra 1961 ahead of their upcoming matchup.

Goals scored

Šibenik has scored a total of 2 goals so far in the Prva HNL, while their opponent Istra 1961 has found the back of the net 3 times to date.

Based on average goals scored, Šibenik has an average of 0.50 goals scored in this current campaign, and Istra 1961 has scored 0.75 on average.

These scoring statistics help give a deeper understanding of the two sides’ attacking ability thus far in the competition. And if you’d like to see more detailed stats of the two teams, the APWin platform also provides goals scored at home and away, expected goals, and first to score stats.

Goals conceded

On the defensive side of the ball, Šibenik has conceded 2 goals in 0 matches, which is an average of 0.5 goals conceded per match.

Meanwhile, visiting Istra 1961 has an average of 2 goals conceded per match after surrendering 8 goals in 0 matches.

And for additional information about the two teams' defences during the current campaign, check out the tables above, which provide clean sheet percentages and expected goals against stats.

Direct Matchups Between Šibenik vs Istra 1961

Šibenik and Istra 1961 have played each other 8 times in recent years. In those matches, Šibenik has 6 wins, Istra 1961 has 2 wins, and there have been 0 draws.

These recent head-to-head numbers should make clear who has had the upper hand in this matchup, or if the two sides have been more evenly matched. Moreover, it may help in predicting the outcome of the next Šibenik vs Istra 1961 match.

Other trends from recent matchups

  • Over 2.5 Goals: There have been over 2.5 goals scored in each of the last 4 meetings between Šibenik and Istra 1961.
  • Under 9.5 Corners: The last 5 matches between Šibenik and Istra 1961 had less than 9.5 corners in the whole match.
  • Victories: Šibenik has won 5 matches in a row against Istra 1961.
  • Undefeated: Šibenik has not lost to Istra 1961 in their last 5 matches.
  • Matches with goals conceded: Šibenik has conceded at least one goal in each of the last 4 matches against Istra 1961.
  • Matches with goals conceded: Šibenik has conceded at least one goal in each of the last 7 matches against Istra 1961.

These statistics for the Šibenik vs Istra 1961 match are just the tip of the iceberg, as you can find so much more data for all the upcoming matches. Check out the teams’ average corners per game, expected goals stats, yellow and red cards, and plenty of other information to help football fans make more educated bets and predictions.

Here are some additional FAQs about Šibenik vs Istra 1961 that you may find helpful.

What is the head-to-head record between Šibenik and Istra 1961?

In their past 8 matches, Šibenik has 6 wins, Istra 1961 has 2 wins, and there have been 0 draws.

Where to find Šibenik vs Istra 1961 prediction?

You can find our predictions for Šibenik vs Istra 1961 here.

What was the last match between Šibenik vs Istra 1961?

The last match between the two sides was on 07/05/2022 17:05. The result of that match was Istra 1961 1 vs 2 Šibenik.

Where to find Šibenik vs Istra 1961 stats?

You can find goal statistics for Šibenik vs Istra 1961 above, not to mention a number of other different data about the two teams.