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Paris 2 - 1 Nîmes

29.09.2017 - 18:00

Stadium : Stade Sébastien-Charléty



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The average number of corners for Paris vs Nîmes can greatly help your analysis of the match, as it can point to the attacking tendencies of both teams over the course of the campaign.

Matches involving Paris have averaged 0 corners per match during this Ligue 2 campaign. They have taken 0 corners per match, while they concede an average of 0 to their opponents.

As for their upcoming opponent, Nîmes, their corner stats are the following:

  • Average number of corners in matches involving Nîmes: 0
  • Average number of corners in favour: 0
  • Average number of corners conceded: 0

Corners can be a valuable statistic to look into when looking at a particular match like Paris vs Nîmes. Examining the average number of corners helps measure the offensive intent of both teams since being on the opposition half of the pitch increases the chances of winning more corners.

Corners conceded stats can also shed more light on a team’s defence and how they can capably prevent their opponents from having the ball in dangerous areas on the pitch.