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GAS 2 - 1 Monte Roraima

03.04.2024 - 01:00

Stadium : Estádio Flamarion Vasconcelos


Predictions for GAS vs Monte Roraima
GAS vs Monte Roraima Betting Tips: 03/04/2024 - Matchday 6 - Brazil Roraimense

GAS vs Monte Roraima Betting Tips: 03/04/2024 - Matchday 6 - Brazil Roraimense

3rd of April at 01:00 we have yet another match of the Brazil Roraimense. The match is GAS vs Monte Roraima. And if you are looking for betting tips, you have arrived in the right place as our team of specialists has gone over all of the data and come up with what we think is the best betting tip for this match. So keep reading and good luck!

🔥 GAS has had Over 2.5 Goals in its last 5 matches

🔥 GAS hasn’t lost in its last 4 matches

🔥 GAS and Monte Roraima average 1 goals scored per match


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Monte Roraima

4Goal Scored3
0.5Goals Conceded1
100%% Over 2.550%
50%% BTTS100%
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Monte Roraima logo

Monte Roraima

0Goal Scored1
0Goals Conceded1
100%% Over 2.550%
0%% BTTS100%

GAS - Previous Results

Monte Roraima - Previous Results


Goal Scored

Having an average of 4 goals scored per match in this season of the Roraimense makes GAS the 1st best attack in the competition. The home team has scored 8 goals in the 2 matches played so far this season.

Averaging 3 goals scored per match up until now, Monte Roraima is 3rd in terms of attacking power in this season’s Roraimense. the visiting team has played 2 matches, and found the back of the net 6 goals.

Goals Conceded

The home team has conceded 1 goal in the 2 matches it has taken part in for this season’s Roraimense. This means that GAS averages 0.5 goals conceded per match, making it the 1st team in terms of defensive ability in this competition.

Opponents have found the back of Monte Roraima’s net 2 times in the 2 matches the team has played so far in the competition. Averaging 1 goals conceded in the Roraimense makes Monte Roraima the 4th best defence.

% Over 2.5

The Over 2.5 markets could be interesting. GAS, for example, would have won such a bet in 100% of the matches it played so far in this season’s Roraimense

Monte Roraima and GAS have been raising some eyebrows in the Over 2.5 Goals market. The away team averages Over 2.5 goals in 50% of its matches, which compares to the league average of 70%. Let’s see how it turns out…

Both Teams to Score (BTTS)

If you are considering betting on BTTS for this match, it is probably important to know that 50% of matches from GAS this season have seen Both Teams to Score. Will it yield a positive outcome this time around?

If we look at the away team’s stats we will see that coming up to this match, Monte Roraima has both scored and conceded at least one goal in 100% of the times in entered the pitch in this season’s Roraimense.

Expected Goals (xG)

The Roraimense is a competition that we know has produced some attacking quality of the past few years, and GAS, with its average of 0.86 xG per match will try to prove exactly that for this match.

We mentioned earlier that Monte Roraima scores an average of 3 goals per match. Did you know that they average 0 expected goals per 90’? Do you think this is maybe an opportunity for bettors looking at opportunities from the visitor’s point of view?

Expected Goals Against (xGA)

Monte Roraima will do what it can to score against the hosts, which arrive at today’s match with 0.26 Expected Goals Against so far in this season of the Roraimense. We’ll see if GAS can keep it’s net safe.

xGA tell us as much as goals conceded, since it does not take into account how efficient the opposing team’s attack is. And the visitors get to this match with a 90’ average of 0 xGA. Should we expect this match to fall under the rest of the season average?


GAS hosts Monte Roraima on 3rd of April at 01:00 for the matchday 6 of the Roraimense, and we have analysed the data and are happy with our prediction for GAS vs Monte Roraima.

We have a full team of specialists going over all of the matches happening today and this is one of those that we feel confident enough to recommend a betting tip.

Let’s jump right into this match taking place on 3rd of April at 01:00 for the Matchday 6 in the Roraimense, and find below our prediction for GAS vs Monte Roraima. And if you decide to follow it, good luck!