The idea of sports betting is nothing new, as people have been doing it for centuries. People have been betting on sports for the same reason for a long time. Today, how we place our bets is where things have significantly changed.

Online sports betting has changed the game of sports betting over the last few decades. It's now easier to bet money on your favourite sports. Football betting is still among the most favoured sports to bet on online with the biggest leagues and championships involving more money than ever before. Due to the easy and efficient process of online sports betting, people have turned their attention and have been enjoying this new way of football betting.

If you're looking to join the excitement in football betting online, then we can help you get started with our ultimate guide.

Get to Know Football Betting and Online Betting before You Start

If you've been betting on sports for a while and are familiar with how it works, then you can skip this part. But if sports betting is entirely new to you and if you're not much of a football fan, then you need to know a few things before you make your first bet.

The first thing you need to know is a general idea and the basics of sports betting. Luckily, the basics are usually straightforward, so you shouldn't need to take much time to familiarize yourself with them. The basics of sports betting include its mechanism, understanding every odd, and knowing the probabilities and values.

Besides getting to know the basics of betting, understanding the basics of football can also help you in your bets.

Other Things to Consider before Betting on Football

Football is a favourite sport, with millions of bettors placing their bets every day. Because of its popularity, finding info to guide you into making your next winning bet is easy. You can find this information in bookmakers' and other sources. However, before placing any bet, there are a few things to consider to help you succeed in the betting space.

First, you need to look for a bookmaker with the best odds, as some bookies offer better odds than others. Second, take your time and look at the league's overall stats and the players. Keeping track of the team's and players' recent matches may also help you decide your bets. You can find this valuable information on football stats sites like APWin. And finally, we recommend focusing your bets on leagues instead of tournaments.

How to Bet on Football

There can be up to thousands of football matches every week and bookmakers will offer betting options depending on the specific match outcomes and chances, such as the number of corners earned, the number of cards, the number of scored goals, and the name of the players who scored the goals.

Many of these bookmakers usually have exclusive deals and winning odds to offer the best value bet for you. The money you've staked along with the winning odds will then be paid when the event results are given and that bet is declared a winner.

Below are the most popular forms of football betting

Match Bet

The match bet is the most basic kind of football betting, in which you must predict the result of a match. You are free to choose to bet on the home team, an away team or a draw. Keep in mind that you'll receive the payment of the match bets on the results. So, if it's a tie on the score, then the draw is the winning bet, despite what happened in the extra time or added time.

Multi-Bet Builder

Bet builders are part of a newer kind of football betting, with its popularity growing fast in recent years. It's a bet that consists of several results from one match instead of several matches.

It's a risky betting option; as more outcomes can occur, the fewer chances of winning. However, it's an excellent opportunity for you who are familiar with both teams. If you want to put small-stake bets with higher odds and combine different results instead of betting on the individual markets like goal scorers, corners and number of cards.

Player Props/Stats

Player props bets is an evolved version of the simple goal scoring and card markets. It consists of bets for having shots, shots on target, being the first or last player, or any time goalscorer and if a player will be sent off or booked.

Bettors usually make these bets to raise the odds and give more value to the players. However, it's essential to manage your risks and don't stake too much on these bets, as football betting can be highly unpredictable. We have compiled more strategies to help you win the football bet.

How to Choose the Best Football Betting Strategy

To successfully score some nice winning streaks in football, you’ll need more than just pure luck. Real success in football betting comes from choosing effective football betting strategies. And before you even consider betting on football, make sure you know the basics of the game first!

Statistics are essential in football betting as it keeps track of the football teams and their player’s performances. Knowing the different types of bets can also help you boost your winning chances as long as you manage your risks carefully. Another thing that plays a big role in sports betting success is the betting site you choose. Try out a few of them if you need to and look for some incredible bonuses that can help you maximize your winnings.

How to Double Your Winnings

Things can go far from your expectations in football betting, even for successful bettors. This is why sticking to an effective betting strategy that works is essential, no matter how confident you are with your bets, as a winning strategy has the potential to double your winnings.

One way to multiply your profits is by scrolling through specific bookies and finding matches that come with matched odds. This consists of betting on both ends of the result, which guarantees a win. Price boost is also an excellent strategy where sportsbooks offer enhanced odds-on specific markets for a limited time. You can also try risk-free promotions which let you get your money back under certain conditions.

The best way to multiply your winning is by betting based on your experience level or looking for strategies that offer the highest odds. Or check out our top techniques to make more money in football betting.

How to Successfully Predict Football Matches

Football predictions are so popular nowadays that fans and analysts always share their predictions on every match and league before the game starts. Indeed, they don’t always end up being right, so you need to look at the essential stuff to make your accurate prediction.

The first thing to help you make a good prediction is to have a good knowledge of football. You can start by watching highlight matches and looking at match results. Once you’re familiar with the sport, you can start looking at the statistics, as this is where the real knowledge comes from. Once you feel confident to start betting, remember to do it with your head and not your heart. In other words, don’t look for fast money and stick to your plan and analyze your plans. While you make the bets, remember to use different bookmakers as each one offers different welcome bonuses.

How Much Should You Bet on Football?

"How much should I bet on a football game" is a common question for bettors, especially those who just got into the space. Surprisingly, there aren't any definitive answers to this question, as the right size for you may be different from someone else. It all depends on your resources, comfort level and mentality.

You should be asking yourself, "how much are you willing to lose?" Make sure to have a bankroll and make the size of the bet based on it. The next thing to consider is your betting goal – are you in it for entertainment, or are you looking to make some serious money from betting? The next question you need to answer is, are you good at picking winners? You need to win 50% of your bets at least; anything under and you'll risk losing in the long run.

Most Common Football Betting Mistakes

Besides following the right things to do in football betting, there are things that you shouldn’t do to prevent you from losing money.

In betting, making mistakes can cost you a lot of money, especially if you do them repeatedly. Some bettors have the habit of betting more when they’re losing money, which eventually leads to more losses. Therefore, you need to know the basic mistakes when betting on football to ensure you’re on the right path to making money.

The first thing to consider is to make sure you’re doing enough research. Without the proper knowledge, you won’t be going far for your bets. The next thing to avoid is betting with emotions. Make sure to bet with logic, stats and informed decisions and not on anger, subjective opinion or your attachment to the team. Betting too much is also a red flag; make sure to manage your risk according to your bankroll. Also, remember that losing a bet or two is normal. What’s important is to make sure you’re not chasing your losses by betting more with the hope of breaking even.

Use Football Statistics and Find the Best Online Betting Sites

Football is one of the most common and favourite sports to bet on around the world. With endless matches and leagues happening every day for you to choose from, there is always an opportunity for you to make some serious money.

As football betting becomes more familiar with more new bettors joining the excitement every day, football statistics are becoming an essential part of football betting for players to analyze the possibilities of winning the odds. Online betting sites and other live football streaming websites are the most convenient and accessible way to bet on football and other sports, with most of them very user-friendly. It takes no time at all to place your wagers and lets you bet from the comfort of your home as long as you have internet access. Most of these betting sites also give out bonuses to new users but may come with some terms and conditions, such as wagering a certain amount to receive these rewards. Combine a good betting site with proper research in football statistics and you’re guaranteed to succeed in the world of football betting.

Keep in mind that the odds and lines for football can be different for every bookmaker, it is not a big difference, but it is noticeable. So having accounts in various sites lets you look around for the best deals and is an excellent way to maximize your potential profits.

Assessing Team Value in Football Betting

Anyone can bet on a football team at a betting site. However, if you want to be successful, you also need consideration, research, and strategy. Most people bet on their favourite team without considering the odds and their probability of winning. This is not the right way to achieve betting success.

Instead, focus on the concept of the value of a team before the start of the soccer league. If you strive to become a serious and successful bettor, you should get to know all the teams within the given match. Getting familiar with the teams can help you recognize the value in a wager, especially when an underdog is undervalued compared to their actual ability and skills.

Final Thoughts

Football betting is indeed one of the most popular and profitable sports for betting online. Anyone can join the game just by signing up to an online betting site and start wagering. However, the real betting pros follow the tips we've given in this football betting guide. Good luck and happy betting!