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Why You Should and Should Not Bet on Your Favourite Football Team

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bet on favourite football team

Bet on Your Favourite Football Team

It's a pleasure to watch your favourite team on the field and take on their arch-rivals. You don't even have to be a football fan and consider it your favourite sport, but watching your beloved team doing what they do best is always spectacular.

Sports betting is a whole lot of fun and if your favourite team is part of the action, it can get even more exciting. Betting your team is a way to immerse yourself in the match and championship. With every kick, pass, and tackle, they do mean much more as you also have your money depending on them.

Then how about betting against your dream team? Is there any benefit in doing that? You might be wondering why anyone would even consider betting against their team. No one wants their best team to lose. However, there are some pros and cons of betting against your favoured team when it comes to betting. Let's take a look at the details below.

Reasons to Bet Against Your Favourite Team

You might be baffled by the idea of the benefits that exist in betting against your favourite team.

Indeed, you may know your team to the core, from their history, weakness, and strength to all the players' backgrounds. You have an idea of their potential injuries and the changes during the football team selection. You keep track of every news regarding your favourite team and know all the ins and outs within them.

Keeping all this information to yourself can give you the edge compared to an average bettor. You may even know more than the sportsbook about a particular team, especially if it's an obscure team.

Betting sites come up with their odds for every team with the help of different factors. Odds collectors pay attention to vital information like the team's position in the table and recent form. They also look for the updated news of injuries in key players and check out the previous results when they face a particular team.

However, it is unlikely that bookmakers know every minute detail of every team. This also includes the popular teams. Bookmakers don't see a player's struggle when they're up against a particular opponent or play style. You may have noticed your team looking tired in their last game or not having as much confidence. Despite all the disadvantages you've seen from your dream team, the betting site still prices them at 2.20, even if you know they're much more likely to win, and a fairer odds is 1.80. This is why your insider information can help you stack better odds and can make some more profits.

Betting against your team can also help to erase the pain of the chance of a substantial loss. For example, let's say Liverpool is my favourite team, and it is up against Manchester City for a championship playoff during the second leg of the semi-final of the Champions League.

Liverpool leads 1-0 since the first half and winning the match will mean they are one step closer to winning the Champions League. As a Liverpool fan, I wanted them to win so bad, but I still betted against them as Man City has odds of 3.00 to progress to the final, which is why I bet on them.

In the end, Man City ends up winning 4-3 on the night. I would be wrecked inside as my team lost, but my sportsbook notified me that it had received more than $200, which helped relieve the stress out of the loss.

Reasons You Should Not Bet Against Your Favourite Team

Let's face it, betting against our favourite team is hard in so many ways and comes with a few circumstances.

The most considerable one is the mental issue where betting against your favourite team is morally wrong. A true fan cheers on their team during the good and bad times and will always offer full support. Therefore, betting against your team shows the opposite of this and might seem like you're not a faithful supporter. Every football bettor must have gone through this, where they don't seem to be a true fan of their favourite team as they want the team to lose. This is, of course, not true, as we still wish our team to win more than anything, and bettors will gladly lose their bet to see their team win.

Another con when betting against your team is that it certainly takes some fun away, as betting against them means that you believe your team won't win. Every sport is more exciting when your team is winning, and going to watch a match while thinking your team has to lose instantly takes all the enjoyment out.

It is hard to bet against your team even if all the odds suggest you do it. It's more likely that you'll bet less than you would when you bet on your team, so you'll miss out on the value. Betting on sports is hard enough without leaving value at the betting site's door.

Final Thoughts of Betting on Your Favourite Football Team

This takes us back to the first question, should you or should you not bet against your favourite team? Nobody can answer it except you. Only bet when everything is in your favour, from the facts and figures. Placing a bet without any helpful information and purely depending on odds is never a good idea and won't yield the result you're looking for.

Just like any other bet, consider all the pros and cons of the situation. Place the bet when the pros clearly overweight the cons and find another bet when the opposite is showing.

It is not easy to bet against your own team, especially if you have friends who support the same team. The decision is up to you, but have an open mind that betting against your favourite team is the way to go if you love to make money from sports betting.

Published on 13 October 2021 Last updated on 22 August 2022
Author: Martim Roll

Martim Roll


Martim is the Founder of APWin, Passionate about football, statistics and analytics connected to sport.

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