Football Games Betting Strategy - How to Choose the Best One

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best football betting strategy

Anyone who has been in the football betting game has dreamt of making a winning streak either regularly. One thing is for sure, these streaks are rarely based on luck and the pro bettors certainly have more going on betting on pure luck. True success in football betting comes from effective football betting strategies. We'll help you get closer to betting success with our top strategy below.

Get to Know Football

Before you even consider betting in football, you'll need at least some basic knowledge of a game. Betting without some proper knowledge is like going into a computer shop and asking if they can give you the best computer they have.

Getting to know the sport from websites, magazines, and a friend who loves the sport is a good start. This way, you'll have a better understanding of the sport and market before you put your money on the line. So, what exactly is this knowledge? Find out more below.


The real winners never rely on their feelings or hope. Instead, they keep track of the football teams and their player's performances through football statistics.

It's no secret that the success in football in recent years are the teams that have taken statistics as part of their strategy. The teams and their players are not machines, but it's possible to track their every move during a match. Some websites can even inform the newest football bettor on how to win on every bet in football.

APWin is a great place to check out the latest football statistics. This includes the newest trends, matches, and stats of the teams and players. You can also find the hottest leagues and championships happening today and find daily football predictions to help you decide on the perfect bets.

You can find a goldmine of other statistics on APWin and it's easy to get lost in it, so it is best to take your time and immerse yourself in the stats. If you're not familiar with a term, don't be afraid to ask questions, as Google will always be there or a friend of yours who knows everything about the match. You'll see that a bit of knowledge can go a long way and may even take you to some big winning streaks during football betting.

Know The Different Betting Types

So, what are the different kinds of football bets you can make? There are many of them, with some having great value to the smart bettor and others having little distraction from the top prizes. Keep in mind to manage your risks and be careful about what you're putting your money on.

Bets that are based on exact scores are usually the crowd's favourite, but we advise you to go against the crowd. The reason is that they're not going to give you the promise of the bigger money, the higher the odds unless you're of the fortunate ones. Let's say that you're betting on Team A to beat Team B with a score of 2-0. Team B scores a goal in the last minute during the match, making the score into a 2-1, making you lose the bet and your money.

You need to avoid these kinds of scenarios. The best way is by betting on odds that take less time to happen and have a better chance for you to score a win. This can be in the form of overall result (win, lose or draw) or some Half-Time/Full-Time result which can be the best option for teams with some slow-starters.

Betting on the first goalscorer is also a popular betting option due to some TV commercials. However, is it really the best one? Your chosen player might be a star striker and will likely be the best goalscorer during the game. But what are the chances that he will score first before anyone else? And will there be a big difference in the end results if he scored first?

This is why we recommend your player to score anytime. The odds may not be as long or as exciting as the first goalscorer, but it has more chances for you to win the bet and therefore get a return. This is just an example of how a little application of knowledge can get you to win football bets.


The accumulator, known as Acca, is a betting type with a higher level of risk, which can get you massive profits if it goes right but can also cost you a fortune if it goes wrong.

It consists of you putting together a series of bets, which is usually on the same thing across multiple football games. You might end up winning three different matches and aim to get a bigger return once the matches are done. The benefit of this betting type is even though you are adding these matches together, they still offer some great odds. If you bet on a five-matched Acca on match result and four out of five teams win the game, then you've lost your Acca.

Avoid this situation by studying the team form. Take your time and check out the sides in every major league that is winning on runs or are facing sides the teams can likely beat and place your wagers according to this analysis. Look for betting sites that offer bonuses and promotions like acc insurance. It's a way to get your money back at the end of a game when one of your Acca loses.

The Betting Sites

The betting site or the bookmaker is where the action takes place and is where you'll be putting your money in. it is the company that sets the odds that you'll bet on. Pick the right betting site for you. Try out a few if you need to and see which one works best in terms of user experience and its ease of use. Check out our Ultimate Guide to Football Betting Online to get more insight. Combine your bets with football statistics and you'll know how to win the football bets all the time!

Published on 29 September 2021 Last updated on 22 June 2022
Author: Martim Roll

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